The Bunny Costume

The classic Playboy Bunny costume was basically a one-piece swimsuit, quite heavily boned and with high, cut-away hips to emphasise the long-leggy-look. I am sometimes asked what it was like, going from wearing a regular business suit to walking around for 8 hours at a time, wearing very little. The answer is that if you wanted to be a Playboy Bunny, the costume was just part of the job. It quickly became so normal and routine that you simply didn't think about it as being unusual. It was just work, but admittedly very different from most people's lives!

In my locker I would usually have two or three different costumes, in colours and patterns that I particularly liked to wear. To go with these I would have the matching Bunny Ears and the iconic white Bunny Cottontail (like a giant powder-puff!) which I had to keep well-groomed and fluffed-up at all times. In my locker also were white cuffs, worn with the Playboy cufflinks, white collars with black bow-ties, and my rosette name tags. As I've mentioned elsewhere, my real name is Diana, but when I joined the London Playboy Club there was already a Bunny Diana, so with the change of just one letter I became "Bunny Deana". You can see my "Deana" name tag on some of my photos.

And we cannot forget those 3-inch high-heel stilettos! An interesting fact is that they all came in just one colour - white. It was a Bunny's job to dye her shoes to match her costumes. Several little bottles of shoe-dye were always in my locker, as the shoes would need regular work to keep them smart. Scuffed shoes with white showing through would never be tolerated by management.

In charge of costumes for all the time I was a Bunny in London was Gwen. A highly-skilled seamstress, Gwen would create new costumes from scratch to the regulation design, to individually fit every Bunny. Even though she was constantly busy, she would patiently and quickly make any adjustments and repairs that were needed. In many ways, the essential look of the Playboy Club, as portayed by the Bunnies, depended a very great deal on the quality of Gwen's work. I think we were all very lucky to have her.   Close