Bunny Mother

As a young girl starting a new job, having a boss to answer to was no different than in any other work place. But beginning work at the London Playboy Club presented you with a special new challenge - The Bunny Mother! She was the person that all Bunnies had to report to before starting their shift, to be inspected and to make sure that you were displaying exactly the right "Playboy Bunny Image".

The role of Bunny Mother was always filled by a very experienced and mature former-Bunny, someone who had seen it all, done it all, and knew exactly what it took to be a top-class, consistently excellent Playboy Bunny. As new Bunnies we all learned very quickly that only the very highest standards would be accepted. Costume, ears, bunnytail, shoes, hair, makeup and those trademark huge false eyelashes would have to be perfect, or you would not be allowed to start your shift until you had gone back to the locker room to get it right.

"Make a friend of your Bunny Mother" was one of the earliest pieces of advice I was given when I joined the Playboy Club, and it turned out to make a lot of sense. Amongst other things she was responsible for making up the shift rotas, and you would want to keep in her good books so you may, just occasionally, be able to persuade her to let you switch work schedules.

The Bunny Mothers I remember best and most fondly are Jeanette, Lindi and Erin, one of the amazing Australian trio of Stratton sisters (along with Carmel and Patricia) who brought a beaming ray of sunshine into work every day.
I have such happy memories of them all.   Close