Bunny Training

Before a brand new Playboy Bunny recruit was allowed to work her first shift in front of real, paying club members, she had to undergo a 6-week intensive training course. There was an enormous amount to learn, and all of it was very unfamiliar to me. No other previous job experience could have prepared you for what was in store for new Bunnies.

One of the first things to master was the iconic "Bunny Dip", a highly-stylized way of serving drinks to a table, with a sort of side-on, backward-leaning stance, and a little dip of the knees. Probably sounds very funny but in fact it looked pretty cute, and it was an essential part of the legendary Playboy image that we were striving to project at all times.

Another huge challenge was the need to memorize the very long list of drinks, cocktails, food items and the special unique codes that referred to each. I was faced with names and terms I had never encountered before. I mean, what was a "Rusty Nail" or an "Old Fashioned"? Did a "Gibson" come with onions or olives, and how many?

Then there was the "Calling Order", a fearsome inventory of nineteen different drink categories that must, simply MUST, always be recited in precisely the correct sequence. The bar's bottle stock layout was in this exact same order, to ensure fast and efficient service. Woe-betide any Bunny who called her drinks order (using the special codes) to the barman out of sequence. You could be sure that words would NOT fail him when he told you what he thought of you!

My very precious original Bunny Training Manual reminds me that there were 26 items in the 'Employee Rules & Standard of Conduct' section. And it states "Violation is grounds for immediate discharge". Just to give a flavour of what was demanded, No:1 says "Employees must be at their posts ready to work as scheduled. Tardiness will not be tolerated". No:9 states "Eating, drinking (of any liquid), gum chewing and smoking not permitted in areas of the Club exposed to public view." And No:25 warns that "All gratuities must be turned over to the assigned checker or placed in the proper tip box; any failure to do so immediately will result in dismissal."
I worked as Bunny Deana for over three years, so I guess I must have been doing things reasonably right!   Close